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nahrain Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You really have a unique gallery here Hilal!!!loved it!
Will be waiting for your PM..oh and Thank you so much for the fave and the watching :D
superhilalo Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
كيفك نهرين هاد كله من زوقك هلا الانميشن عباررة عن بنتين حلوين وحدة شقرا ووحدة شعرها اسود بيكونو راكبين سيلرات سبور فراري وبورش طبعا انا ما راح اطلع السيارات زي الفراري بالزبط شبيه لالها عشان الكوبي رايت فبكونو الاتنين بيتسابقو عشان اخر علبة بيبسي او قنينة بالمحل وبيكون مافي بالكرة الارضية غير واحدة فبعجبو على بعض عشان ويصلولها وباوك
nahrain Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay now I got the idea..sounds interesting especially that 2 girls are raising in sport cars,now you want me to make a storyboard for that right?but of course as I know that the animation will be divided into frames that's every panel in the story board will be turned to sequential moves..So all that I'm supposed to do is just to give you the whole thing in some panels and you'll have to take each panel and figure out the move in it from A to I putting this right?because you see I never did an animation storyboard before,so need to clarify the steps!!
oh and one more thing,you wrote:
فبعجبو على بعض
what that mean?
what did you mean here...excuse me but my SHAMI understanding is not quite great hahaha
Let me know about all this and we'll talk it over again soon!!!
superhilalo Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
هههههههه يعني بكسرو سيارات بعض عشان وحده الي لازم اتفوز بعدين نهرين احكيلي قديش بتكلف عشان احاسبك اوك البنات خليهم استايل انمي ستايل هيك شي اوك او انتي  الي بتشوفي مناسب 
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